Biz cards for trees.

A treasure of a biz card idea from Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer for

What Pii liked best was using the natural packaging of the seed as a medium to inform and educate. And how the recipient immediately becomes part of treesforfree by planting a tree.

Such a simple way to connect. If trees had markers, this’s what they’d do.

Here’s a bit about the seed from Lal –

“After much research, seeds of the Honge tree (Scientific name-Pongamia Pinnata) were chosen. The ‘viseeding cards’, when planted, grow into trees that produce biofuel, biofertilizer, bio pesticide and oil, apart from the usual benefits that other trees give like oxygen, shelter for wildlife, groundwater restoration, carbon sequestering,. Researchers in India have estimated that Honge oil could completely replace India’s consumption of petroleum based fuels. Janet’s contact details were handwritten using a marker.”

Can’t wait to meet Janet :)

Click here to visit the site and learn more.

Yak it.

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