The Colour Caravan

I fell in love with these, sadly they’re all sold out. But you must check out what The Colour Caravan is doing.

These bottles have been painted using a traditional art form from Orissa called Pattachitra. Here’s what they have to say about it – “Pattachitra, a domain of the Chitrakar community of painters, depict religious themes. The paintings are colorful and characterized by creative motifs and details of human figures, jewelry and costumes.

The Color Caravan is working with some of the ‘finest’ pattachitra artists from Orissa.

The canvas is skillfully made. Cotton cloth is pasted on the bottle with gum made from powdered tamarind seeds dried in the sun. It is then coated with a paste made out of white chalk and powdered tamarind seeds. After the canvas has dried, it is burnished first with a coarse stone and finally with a smooth pebble.

The design is sketched and the outlined areas of the sketch are filled in with colors extracted from rocks and seashells. The painting is finished with a coat of lacquer, applied using a soft cloth.

It takes about 3 days to just prepare the canvas and another 7-9 days to paint & lacquer coat one bottle.”

Isn’t it lovely? Read about it here on their FB page.

Picture courtesy: Colour Caravan.

1 comment
  1. aame said:

    Beautiful !!! NIce to see our traditional art !!

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