Pickle jars.

They come large enough to pickle a body in and small enough to store your favourite spices in. Traditionally, however, these have been used for pickles. The cool ceramic balances the heat generated within the pot with the chillies and oils. The colours are also soothing (cream and biscuit brown). It’s to calm the crazy pickle inside.

I use one as a flower vase though.

Available: Everywhere in India.


  1. Naveena Vindhya said:

    How can I buy from the States?

  2. You should ask someone who coming there to pick it up for you. But it superbly heavy. Unless you get a tiny one. If I hear of someone who ships there, I will tell you.

  3. Ankita said:

    could you tell me a particular place in mumbai where i ca get these???

  4. You should try the market places in Matunga. Not sure, but worth it :) Also try Crawford Market, the lanes around.

  5. Kiran said:

    Please let me know where to buy the smaller variety of these jars?

Yak it.

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