Narasu Coffee.




Narasu makes good old fashioned South Indian coffee poddi and they also have 100% pure coffee that comes in a neat dark brown and white pack.

Pii loves the Princess Diana look-alike sipping coffee with her pinky pointing out. Also appreciated – The Tamil font used as a design element all over the pack. And the neatest illustration of a cup and saucer. Definitely not clipart.

Available: In every store in Salem (Tamil Nadu) and in select department stores in South India.

  1. prajaret said:

    Love this post! Brings back such ol’ memories.

    Back in my native (Nagercoil), my grandmother used to buy only Narasus – it was pretty much the coffee podi of choice in most TN houselholds. And I remember their ad so well. It featured this fairly hefty bare-chested man in a dhoti (the Laughing Buddha’s Tamil equivalent if you ask me) with the widest, warmest smile anyone could have going ‘BESH BESH…romba nalla irukku!’. That ad was so iconic, you could recite that line even today, anywhere in TN and you will get a knowing smile back.

  2. gayatri said:

    Hahah!! So cool.

  3. I buy Narasu’s regularly in Delhi, and have never come across this packaging. Is this recent?

  4. gayatri said:

    Hmmm. The design doesn’t look recent at all. Should check.

  5. anon said:

    podi, not poddi

  6. Podi in Malayalam is what you say in a rather dergatory way to a woman when you want her to go away.
    Poddi on the other hand, felt more powdery to me.

    But noted :) and thank you :)

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