Brown Tree Almonds.


Packaging that makes me want to take out my blackest, inkiest pen and doodle on the last page of a smooth Moleskine notebook.

I like how BrownTree has taken the effort to do this one. Didn’t quite find anything else like this in their store. Also liked the size, it’s longish – makes you want to snip the top off and hold it in your hand and walk around munching almonds all days. If some says anything, just read out stuff from the pack :)

  1. Archie said:

    fantastic isn’t it? wonder who designs the packing…

  2. This looked like a one off. The rest of their packaging looks pretty grey. This one must have been a talented person who would have charged a fair rate. After which the brand must have said “Ohhhhh!! So expensive. I’m sure we can do it ourselves”. :D

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