Collector: Matt Lee

Picture 1

Matt Lee is an artist and teacher from the UK, currently in Bangalore. He collects matchboxes across India and has 600 of them now. Featured here are some of the quirky and unseen ones. I recognised a few.

Indian matchboxes are tiny and contain just enough matchsticks to last you for a day. The result is that you’ll see these lying around a lot. I also like that so much colour and fun goes into something with a short life.

Though the ones here have been immortalised.

Via: Pii friend and writer, Amulya Shruthi. Click here to know more about Matt Lee.

  1. I remember when I was back in school ( I was in second standard, I guess), one of my school projects was to collect these matchbox stickers. I’d it with me for several years before I lost it :(

    This post brings back those memories… Wish I still had that custom-made book I stuck those matchboxes on

  2. A windows Matchbox….Does it Crash and Hang too?!!.. :-D

  3. great stuff. some of the boxes are so old… remember them from years ago!

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