Came across this very distinct pack and enjoyed the fragrance within and the very quiet way it didn’t draw attention to itself. Then I visited the Maroma site and realised what honest, fuss-free, simple packaging they have.

Sadly though, not all of them follow this look. Some of their older ranges have a very different look. I’m hoping they’re in transition, and will soon look the same across all their Maroma offerings.

I like the choice of colours, the size of fonts, the placement, the retro shape of the jars and the whiteness of the packs. All of them quite aesthetically put together in perfect balance. Also, their packaging materials are chosen so that they have minimal impact on the environment.

Ma – comes from The Mother (Mirra Alfassa). Aroma – from the first set of incense sticks that kicked off this brand in the 70s.

Official Maroma site is right here.

Yak it.

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