It’s a book of 500 kitschy Indian matchbox covers in a book that’s designed to look like a matchbox, complete with slip case and striking edge, in case you feel like setting the whole book on fire. The printing quality is not too great (pixelated), but the finds are lovely, and it makes a great smoking-table book.

Via, Pii friend, Amulya Shruthi. Meet her here and here.

Buy the book and meet Tara here.

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The Seed Holder Book. This magical little book is crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard and designed to hold pongamia tree seeds and a story about the need to plant trees. It’s a beautiful feeling holding this feathery light book and knowing that you’re holding future trees. It’s a better feeling when the first leaf peeks …

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The Lotus Queen book box. Inspired by the kaavad, this little vibrant wooden cupboard opens up to reveal the book. Kaavad is a craft native to Rajasthan that uses wooden boxes as portable story-tellers. The insides carried more illustrations arranged to form the outlines of a story. They also served as shrines. Read more about the tradition of using kaavad for story-telling here -

A recipe book packed like a sack of rice, Mr Pushpesh Pant! How marvelous. We like food. We like books. Put them together and you have it on the PiI site. Read about it here -….html?image=5

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