Arrack comes straight from the coconut tree into a pot and then after the tapper climbs down the tree, it’s carefully poured into old bottles and taken straight to the toddy shops where it goes straight to someone’s head.



There’s always a flipside to too much alcohol, no not the hangover, but yes, the bottles.

We love our bottles. The weirder the shape, the more we love it. The Old Monk bottles are a particular favourite, not just for its contents, but think about it, isn’t it like the Ambassador car of bottles? A funny, round and strangely funky shape. We suggest you paint the Old Monk bottle yourself to find out exactly what we’re talking about. Here are a couple of things we did.


 Painted Beer Bottles

 All you’ll need is a beer bottle (we used Kingfisher, Mr Mallya needs us right now), some white acrylic paint and a brush.

 Make abstract patterns like we did or paint anything you like.


Here’s a tip:

 If its been a while since you held a brush, use a crayon to mark your drawing on the bottle.


The Technicolor winter bottle



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The Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel, apart from being the perfect little summer getaway in the hills, has its own range of Darjeeling, Assam and flavoured tea. Packed in vibrant packs with wild flowers decorating the label, the packaging is just as charming as the setting. The boutique hotel extends the Glenburn brand to …

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A bottle of wine and a spice rack that the Park Hotel sent to clients to invite them for their Diwali party. Inspired by Madhubani art and given a nouveau touch with silver detailing, this is one invitation that would’ve been just as fun as the party. Created by Smudge – More about the art …

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Shringar Bindi liquid. A ring-finger sized bottle filled with red or black liquid with a stick on the inside of the lid that helped you make near-perfect circles on a smooth forehead. The packaging is a classic and featured the waif-like Swaroop Sampat (now well into her 50s). Available offline at small stores tucked deep into winding lanes anywhere in India.

Picture: sue_tra on instagram.

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