The Altitude Store is an all-organic food boutique that specialises in yummy delicacies (including some really great cheese) from pristine farms situated high up in the hills. Their packaging reflects this natural, pure philosophy. Picture courtesy: Wallpaper.

















Omved products are natural and based on the ancient vedic texts in India. They’ve got a bath range, a baby range, a For Him and a For Her range. But the Hair Products have the best packaging.



Located in hot and humid Kochi, this green and really cool corner is a lovely space to grab a bite, meet friends, run through your lists or just sip some perfectly chilled water from these sterilized, reusable glass bottles (with cork stoppers!) that the cafe keeps aside just for us thirsty patrons. The label is replaced with a new one every time. A small, simple way to make a reused article look and feel new. Not for sale, sadly. But we like not owning things, but experiencing them, don’t we?

Via, another lovely Pii friend and curator/ photographer/ stylist, Archana Srinivas.














Feny or fenny is the Goan drink everyone carries back with them but never get around to drinking. Made from either cashew or coconut, this potent drink comes in nice earthy packaging that your girlfriend will never crib about carrying back. And p.s – there are many many ways to be feni.

Arrack comes straight from the coconut tree into a pot and then after the tapper climbs down the tree, it’s carefully poured into old bottles and taken straight to the toddy shops where it goes straight to someone’s head.

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