This box, recently in the Pii family and handed down from the last generation, is delicate, tiny and filled with fine filigree work. From research it looks like the origins are Cuttack. More precious to us for it’s emotional value. Do you have a memory pack too?

Quillkaari make these lovely delicate, handcrafted paper accessories, and they send these across to their customers in the most endearing way. The way happy people decorate gift boxes – simple brown boxes, playful scribbles, cute messages and intricate Quillkaari decorations.

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The ‘ish watch’ pays tribute to IST (Indian Stretchable Time) and every one of us Indians. What Pii really liked about this piece is that the designers have spent just as much love on designing the box as they did on the watch. Created by Hyphen for Filter.

Traditionally, Holi powder has never come in boxes. But this one deserves a box, because here are 5 colours that are all herb-based. That too, turmeric which is considered good for the skin, and fillers of rice flour to leave you feeling like a geisha. The vibrant, festive packaging is done by the lesser privileged. When it first kicked off in 2007, it was done by the women inmates of the Yerawada Jail in Pune. Here’s your halo for holi. Available at: Via: a hundred hands

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Down To Earth soups come in packs that are both contemporary and traditional. A lot like the taste, wethinks. Madhubani art in subtle tones capture sweet little moments like a Red-riding hoody girl picking tomatoes and a Halloween celebration (erm, for the Westen market). Illustrated by Tanvi Choudhury ( for Thought Blurb ( Product details here,

Lakshmi dhoop comes as kitsch as it gets in a tiny rectangle of lemon yellow and ink blue. Open it to get the dhoop sticks out (they come as cones too at times). Now light the tip, blow it out and let it simmer into wispy, pious curls that will get the goddess out of heaven and into your home. Nope, just kidding. But it does clear the aura in your home. Promise.

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