Black, white and so India-when-the-Brits-were-here. Love what ANC has done for Filter’s new range of chocolates. The packaging manages to make me taste what’s inside – classy slivers of dark cocoa with hints of beloved flavours.

Meet the entire range on the Filter FB page, right here.

The Busride Design Studio designed a little pop-up store for the CMYK bookstore. Design books in designer shelves – upcycled televisions and fridges. Fun.

Meet them here and there.







Pure Ghee Designs have the most Indian sense of colour. Earthy tones mixed with vibrant ones that reminds you of swirly gypsy skirts. Must check out their Ajrak-print iPad sleeve too.























A wallet that is simple, classy and ownable by simply bartering something of your own with the kind people at Postman Shop. Towards a world like this. Soon.

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