MSB (My Sunny Balcony) has just come out with these wunnerful mosaic hanging pots that go perfectly well with any home. The mirror bits promise to give your garden a dozen suns.

Bindaas Unlimited‘s kitsch new laptop bags are desi and modrenne (that’s a new word, it’s the Indian way of saying ‘modern’). They’re doing a lot of interesting work, so if you’re into art collabs, you should visit them.

Quillkaari make these lovely delicate, handcrafted paper accessories, and they send these across to their customers in the most endearing way. The way happy people decorate gift boxes – simple brown boxes, playful scribbles, cute messages and intricate Quillkaari decorations.

Pii has always loved the cardboard boxes (and the products in them!) Happily Unmarried comes up with. This one here is from their ‘From Russia, With Love’ collection. Stock up if you’re single and into double shots.

Gift envelopes. These are designed in fine, earthy fabrics and embellished with detailing that is sure to go with what you’re wearing. Carry this for a wedding, and it can almost pass for your clutch, n’est pas? Get yours from Anek Designs.

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The Lee ‘Never Wasted’ bag holds the jeans you just bought, a rainy-day game of snakes & ladders, a desk calendar, a pen holder, and a whole lot of other goodies that ensure the bag doesn’t lie around doing nothing while you’re skipping around in your new Lee jeans. From the happy folk at

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