We found Hokey Pokey in a wine store. So the TG is obviously us. Here’s to Chardonnay and mango ice cream.

The packaging is simple, fun, plastic, not slippery when frosty and a sweet message outside that asks us to ‘please reuse the tub for something else, like fruits’.

Images from here and one clicked by me.

Find Hokey Pokey online here.


Colour bars on the outside. Hardcore bathing bars on the inside. Cinthol has always been quite the outdoorsy soap ever since my childhood days. In fact, a German Shepherd I knew used it :)

Packaging here comprises one thin layer of paper in 4 different colours to differentiate the varieties. Classic red is still the best looking.

The new packaging was launched just around the time they come up with their new ad film. Watch here.

Pii loved it for its simple, retro tin and more importantly, for its bold use of colours and font.

The Cadbury purple and a delicious orangeness (very 80s fluorescent) of that sans-serif font. Confident chopping of the word to give importance to the size.

That is the cool



Picture: Pii

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