We like it like that only.

From Chumbak :) Connect with them here, and watch their funny video here.

Indian Hippy keeps the wonderful tradition of Bollywood poster painting alive with their range of products. Featured here, Amitabh and Rekha. Cough cough.

The products at M.Rm.Rm. Cultural Foundation are all intensely ethnic, rooted in rural handcraftedness and are all not-for-profit but for support of the women artisans in the region and keeping alive these wonderful ways of weaving and storing.


Sugandhi is the most lovely brand of Sambrani and if you come to the Pii home you’ll smell it almost immediately. The packaging is just as divine as the scent. Something very India and lorry-art’ish about the colours. Here’s a lovely blog post about sambrani and here’s someone you’ll see a lot on Bollywood movie sets. Sugandhi is available at stores all over India and here.

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