Bindaas Unlimited‘s kitsch new laptop bags are desi and modrenne (that’s a new word, it’s the Indian way of saying ‘modern’). They’re doing a lot of interesting work, so if you’re into art collabs, you should visit them.

Piggy banks from Kili for the Maharashtrian, the Goan, the Coorg and all. Or maybe you can save up money in one so you can spend it all on a Maharashtrian, a Goan or a Coorg. Quirky oinkers all.

Pii has always loved the cardboard boxes (and the products in them!) Happily Unmarried comes up with. This one here is from their ‘From Russia, With Love’ collection. Stock up if you’re single and into double shots.

Jackson National Integration Party Tissues. Tissues that illustrated on its pack that the whole of India - Punjabis, Maharashtrians, Parsees, Goans and all - should party together for national integration and use Jackson tissues to daintily brush off any samosa crumbs.

Last spotted at Patel Stores, Bandra. But available nationally for integration, we hope. 

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There’s always a flipside to too much alcohol, no not the hangover, but yes, the bottles.

We love our bottles. The weirder the shape, the more we love it. The Old Monk bottles are a particular favourite, not just for its contents, but think about it, isn’t it like the Ambassador car of bottles? A funny, round and strangely funky shape. We suggest you paint the Old Monk bottle yourself to find out exactly what we’re talking about. Here are a couple of things we did.


 Painted Beer Bottles

 All you’ll need is a beer bottle (we used Kingfisher, Mr Mallya needs us right now), some white acrylic paint and a brush.

 Make abstract patterns like we did or paint anything you like.


Here’s a tip:

 If its been a while since you held a brush, use a crayon to mark your drawing on the bottle.


The Technicolor winter bottle



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Being seen with a Charminar pack in the 70s and 80s was the coolest thing next to being seen in an open-top jeep. The pack carries a line-drawing of the charminar, a monument built by one of the sultans of Hyderabad to keep evil diseases away. Ironically this monument sits on a cancer-causing cigarette pack …

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Parle G biscuits come wrapped in yellow and red wax paper, and plastic like the one featured here. The little girl with long lashes is a mystery but the biscuits are the largest selling in the world. The Russians love them just as much as they love our beaches. The ‘Parle’ comes from Vile Parle in Bombay where it first was packed in 1929, and the G is for Gluco. Learn something new everyday etc, huh? Available at every store, supermarket, roadside shop and even with some of ‘em ciggie/ chai shops-on-cycles.

Picture: sue_tra on instagram.

A recipe book packed like a sack of rice, Mr Pushpesh Pant! How marvelous. We like food. We like books. Put them together and you have it on the PiI site. Read about it here -….html?image=5

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