The bake tray also works as the take away pack. No waste of water (in washing dishes), no unnecessary cutting and transferring to a new box, no fuss. Just the deliciousness of good, organic, hand-baked cakes in an easy-to-carry, easy-to-store, biodegradable box with a sprinkling of mystikal magicness.

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Loved the brown paper simplicity of its arrival.

(What’s inside? Organic, bunny-ear soft tee-shirts)

This package is proof that good words straight from the heart will work way more wonders than complicated, overly colourful packaging.

Get your pack home here. 

Organic t-shirts wrapped thoughtfully in a space-friendly recycled paper box printed with messages that are carried on their t-shirts.

Simple, no?

Read about The Root and see their products here.

The Altitude Store is an all-organic food boutique that specialises in yummy delicacies (including some really great cheese) from pristine farms situated high up in the hills. Their packaging reflects this natural, pure philosophy. Picture courtesy: Wallpaper.

Holy Lama Naturals in Auroville create organic bath and beauty products and a range of divine essential oils. Featured here is their kewra soap, packed in dried areca leaf. Simple thing is that it can be used as a soap dish too.

BON (Bio, Organic and Natural) bath and beauty products from Auroville use dried leaves, handmade jute,  butter paper and an endearing line (“Cares the young women”) to make packaging that is just as pure as the handmade, organic goodness it holds inside.

Via designer & Pii friend, Nidhi Berera whose creations you can see at Bangalore’s Kitsch Mandi tomorrow.

Traditionally, Holi powder has never come in boxes. But this one deserves a box, because here are 5 colours that are all herb-based. That too, turmeric which is considered good for the skin, and fillers of rice flour to leave you feeling like a geisha. The vibrant, festive packaging is done by the lesser privileged. When it first kicked off in 2007, it was done by the women inmates of the Yerawada Jail in Pune. Here’s your halo for holi. Available at: Via: a hundred hands

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The poor woman’s ciggy and the tourist’s treasure. The humble beedi has satiated India (and caused horrendous cases of oral cancer) from the 17th century. Tobacco is wrapped in dried tendu leaves and held together with a piece of thin string. It’s then wrapped in paper with the picture of the family patriarch or a favourite god on the cover. …

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Padheyam or the famed banana-leaf packed lunch keeps food fresh just till lunchtime. As the rice is packed when it’s steaming hot, the banana leaf gives the rice a lovely, earthy flavour. Padheyam exists as Lamprais in Sri Lanka and slinks around other South East Asian countries under a variety of other exotic names. 

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