Cotton bits that wrap the soaps and fold in neatly on the edges without stitches or staples or seals. When you open it out, it’s a neat, scented bit of soft cloth which is perfect for wrapping your favourite pair of earrings in.

Rustic reusability.

Available at select stores.

Online here and there.

What better way to keep memories alive than have the very bottles that held them to hang over your head. Pii loves how Cafe Delhi has upcycled and added oodles of charm to the space. Do yours now. But please to be firmly securing else it’ll fall on someone’s head and we’ll have a total cartoon show.

Picture courtesy, the Cafe Delhi FB page. Click here to go there.

Recycle Sundays: Till a tree is strong enough to grow by itself in the big bad ground, give an old carton something to feel good about. Thought up by Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer.

Recycle Sundays: When India sends a parcel via post across the seas or airs, India wraps it in fine used muslins and cottons, stitches up the corners and sometimes even seals it with red wax. The fabric comes from old clothes and bits of tailor-scraps. P.S - When was the last time you sent a parcel of anything to anyone?

Via: Pii friend, Kavita.

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