In India when we travel, we like to wrap up our suitcases in colourful fabrics to protect it from getting scratches. It also makes train travel look colourful and stations look beautiful. This lovely picture was clicked by Manou of Wearabout.

p.s – Pii is off on a long journey (train, included). Back in a month’ish. Posts will reduce a wee bit.

BON (Bio, Organic and Natural) bath and beauty products from Auroville use dried leaves, handmade jute,  butter paper and an endearing line (“Cares the young women”) to make packaging that is just as pure as the handmade, organic goodness it holds inside.

Via designer & Pii friend, Nidhi Berera whose creations you can see at Bangalore’s Kitsch Mandi tomorrow.

Recycle Sundays: When India sends a parcel via post across the seas or airs, India wraps it in fine used muslins and cottons, stitches up the corners and sometimes even seals it with red wax. The fabric comes from old clothes and bits of tailor-scraps. P.S - When was the last time you sent a parcel of anything to anyone?

Via: Pii friend, Kavita.

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The poor woman’s ciggy and the tourist’s treasure. The humble beedi has satiated India (and caused horrendous cases of oral cancer) from the 17th century. Tobacco is wrapped in dried tendu leaves and held together with a piece of thin string. It’s then wrapped in paper with the picture of the family patriarch or a favourite god on the cover. …

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