Péro, an ethereally lovely handcrafted clothing line and All Things Chocolate, a scrumptiously unique brand of artisan chocolate, come together in these preciously chequered gingham boxes. As collectible as they come, these boxes are. Mostly used to store stash, safety pins and paper clips. Yes, I asked around.

Find All Things here, and Péro here.


We found Hokey Pokey in a wine store. So the TG is obviously us. Here’s to Chardonnay and mango ice cream.

The packaging is simple, fun, plastic, not slippery when frosty and a sweet message outside that asks us to ‘please reuse the tub for something else, like fruits’.

Images from here and one clicked by me.

Find Hokey Pokey online here.

If you blindly love stationery, place an order for Origin One’s surprise box of goodies that’s hand picked from their own collection of design-drooled ware.

Apart from the packaging that comes tied in shoe-lace inspired string and a box that’s covered with enough to keep you from opening it, what I like is the thought. A surprise box you pay for. Fair. Fun.


FullSizeRender (1)

Order yours here.

Images: Origin One’s insta feed.

Olie is known for its island-inspired designs, natural fabrics and simplistic design sensibilities. So when I found that they had an entire section dedicated just to boxes, I was thrilled. Thrilled to note that they’re using left over fabric to make gifting and storing a pleasure.


These boxes – available in rectangles, hexagonals, rounds and squares – are wrapped neatly in fabric and finished fine.

Ideal for storing your preciouses or gifting treasures to your preciouses.



Find Olie ware here.

Intricately designed herb-and-plant illustrations grace the packages of Kama Ayurveda.

There’s a hint of old-world English charm and there’s a bouquet of aromatherapy-inspired paintings.

Paintings that seem to have been done with a fine, fine brush and a magnifying glass.




What I liked most was that the scent of the product and the visuals on the package appealed equally to the nose and the eye. Kama also seems to have taken care to research the herbs for each product, stylise it, add magic to it and then develop it into memorable packs that would inspire you to cut it up and use it as bookmarks.

Find Kama here.

Aparna Das Sadhukhan’s jewellery brand, Nine By Thirty is a work of love. So when she needed packaging for it, she turned to more love, her Ma.

Mrs D recycled beautiful old sarees and fabrics to make pouches for NBT’s necklaces and earrings.

Love all the emotions and designs surrounding this one.

Find Nine By Thirty here.

Next time you buy an art print from Tara Books, you’re going to get it in a collectible tube that’s one-of-a-kind.


Made by hand, and scraps of brightly lit bits of paper, these tubes will look more like a vibrant decor item at home than a bit of packaging.

Images via the Tara FB page.

Get your art prints here.

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