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“Metapor Racha’ believes in the soul full imperfections created by skilled hands and questioning the perception of beauty, which forms an integral part of any utilitarian design.”

The designer duo, Ravikiran and Chandrashekar, create poetry in khadi. I loved the little sonnet they use for a shopping bag the best. Meet them here.

Pic courtesy: The Metaphor Racha FB page.

Undo is a range of t-shirts that tries to undo the mess we’ve made of the planet. The messages, symbols, colours and fabrics all do this. The smart thing? They’ve bundled it all into a cotton jhola. That is immensely reusable. Yay!  Special thanks to Isha of Undo for writing a lovely note to Pii.

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The Lee ‘Never Wasted’ bag holds the jeans you just bought, a rainy-day game of snakes & ladders, a desk calendar, a pen holder, and a whole lot of other goodies that ensure the bag doesn’t lie around doing nothing while you’re skipping around in your new Lee jeans. From the happy folk at

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