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Olie is known for its island-inspired designs, natural fabrics and simplistic design sensibilities. So when I found that they had an entire section dedicated just to boxes, I was thrilled. Thrilled to note that they’re using left over fabric to make gifting and storing a pleasure.


These boxes – available in rectangles, hexagonals, rounds and squares – are wrapped neatly in fabric and finished fine.

Ideal for storing your preciouses or gifting treasures to your preciouses.



Find Olie ware here.


The bake tray also works as the take away pack. No waste of water (in washing dishes), no unnecessary cutting and transferring to a new box, no fuss. Just the deliciousness of good, organic, hand-baked cakes in an easy-to-carry, easy-to-store, biodegradable box with a sprinkling of mystikal magicness.

Order yours here or email

It’s the vintage green, chocolate brown and white combo that had me flat. That, and the fact, that this is packed and manufactured in a very Anglo-Indian part of Bangalore – Langford Town.

Showing a neatly starched, crisp white shirt on the cover ensures the bais know what this is used for. The powder within is held in a thin plastic pouch, ensuring reusability without too much fuss.

The packaging is thin cardboard and looks like it’ll melt into the ground the minute it’s discarded. Friendly.

Pic: Pii.

Available: At Nilgiris, Brigade Road, Bangalore.

A treasure of a biz card idea from Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer for

What Pii liked best was using the natural packaging of the seed as a medium to inform and educate. And how the recipient immediately becomes part of treesforfree by planting a tree.

Such a simple way to connect. If trees had markers, this’s what they’d do.

Here’s a bit about the seed from Lal –

“After much research, seeds of the Honge tree (Scientific name-Pongamia Pinnata) were chosen. The ‘viseeding cards’, when planted, grow into trees that produce biofuel, biofertilizer, bio pesticide and oil, apart from the usual benefits that other trees give like oxygen, shelter for wildlife, groundwater restoration, carbon sequestering,. Researchers in India have estimated that Honge oil could completely replace India’s consumption of petroleum based fuels. Janet’s contact details were handwritten using a marker.”

Can’t wait to meet Janet :)

Click here to visit the site and learn more.

Yay! A brand new boutique filled with handbags and accessories. And they love detailing as much as we do.

From the carefully chosen pieces and well-crafted bags featured here on their FB page to the really cool owners (Jayanti & Zeeshan Rehman) TLB can only get better.

Visit their site here and like them here.

My Sunny Balcony has all types of garden do-dahs. Vibrant big pots, quirky tiny ones, they even do garden-makeovers and transform sordid little balconies to zen oases. Click here to meet them online or drop by at 12, Aga Abbas Ali Road (Ulsoor, Bangalore: Next to Peaches salon) to meet them offline.

Picture: MSB on FB. Right here.

Paper bags handmade from old newspapers by the women of Murphy Town Slum, Bangalore. Available in 3 sizes. For orders, call Millie Mitra on 9880288634 or Sanam on 9742723648.

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