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image-1I like it when brands think like your mother. They give you a good quality ingredient (asafoetida) and put it into a package that fits perfectly well into your kitchen – once you carefully peel the label off, that is. This steel dabba can continue holding hing from other brands way after this is done. Good, confident one, Aachi.

I picked mine up at the Village supermarket on Wheeler Road, Bangalore.

Picture courtesy: My iPhone5. May its tribe continue to grow.

Presenting a lunch-time favourite. The classic Indian three-tiered tiffin box or dabba. Used by office-goers and school-not-so-goers all over the country to have full meals from 1 to 2 every day (except weekends when the quantity is much more). The dabba comes with separate compartments to carry different types of food in. Chapattis in one, sabji in another, rice in one, dal in another, and so on and on and on, depending on the number of tiers you have been blessed with. All made at home with a lot of love and the warmth still there when you open it at 1. Sigh. Also, read about the Mumbai dabbawallas here - and

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