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Black, white and so India-when-the-Brits-were-here. Love what ANC has done for Filter’s new range of chocolates. The packaging manages to make me taste what’s inside – classy slivers of dark cocoa with hints of beloved flavours.

Meet the entire range on the Filter FB page, right here.



The very exclusive ‘small batch’ of mayo made by the team at Filter.

Label design, irreverent tone and minimal copy. All quite yum.

p.s – If you don’t know, Ronnie is a fairly common Parsee name and the number of mayo jars (like the Parsee community) is quite limited too.

Via the Filter FB page.

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The ‘ish watch’ pays tribute to IST (Indian Stretchable Time) and every one of us Indians. What Pii really liked about this piece is that the designers have spent just as much love on designing the box as they did on the watch. Created by Hyphen for Filter.

Filter’s Clear Conscience Laundry suds are good for the machine and good for the earth and very good on the eyes. Pii loves the white-on-black illustration, the quirky halo and the neat layout of the tonne of copy on the back-of-pack. Get it here.

Picture courtesy: The Filter FB page.

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