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The way a bag is designed can change the weight you feel while carrying things in it. I came across this bag at Organicz4U, the neighbourhood organic store. The wooden sticks were what attracted me to them initially, but later Parvez, the owner, explained that it’s designed to make my weekly grocery load feel lighter.


Maithreyi of Wild Ideas who designed the bag, runs a cooperative that makes all things organic for the home. The bag featured here is just one of 16 cloth bags they distribute to grocery stores. It’s called the ‘katte pai with neem handles’ and can easily and comfortably hold up to 10 kilos.


Wild Ideas is a community-based cooperative of disadvantaged women based in Tiruvannamalai. The group makes 100% organic and handmade products.


While looking at their product range I also discovered a small, beautiful detail. That their soap packages carry an illustration of the Arunachala hill in Tiruvannamalai. A hill that’s considered one of the five most important Shaivite sites in India.

So in-sync when community, design and goodness all come together to change a simple everyday moment like carrying a heavy grocery bag up to a car.


To know more about Wild Ideas, you can email

To shop at an organic grocery store that knows the farms and the people who provide them with their veggies, click here.





The anti-assemby-line, single-piece-single-tailor-made jeans. Natural and recycled raw materials make them beautiful inside and outside.

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And when you order a pair, you’ll find that it comes unfussy in a denim bag with the details printed elegantly on brown paper and wrapped around your new pair of conscious jeans. Love the clarity and simplicity.

Get your pair here.


What Pii really appreciates is when one uses material around them to pack a product. Bipha Ayurveda‘s soaps and incense sticks (they have a whole range of other goodies too) come wrapped (in a very easy, uncomplicated way) in natural coconut tree fibres. To add a hint of colour, the edges are woven with coloured thread. A loose, breathable style that is very common in Kerala.

p.s –

Love their products too. Authentic ayurveda. The real stuff. Shop here.

















Omved products are natural and based on the ancient vedic texts in India. They’ve got a bath range, a baby range, a For Him and a For Her range. But the Hair Products have the best packaging.


Baby wraps have been around since the caveman stomped out to bring home the bacon. This one featured here is from a lovely site called Sakura Bloom. In India, it’s most often used in the hilly regions of the North. A simple (and sturdy) length of cotton is wrapped around and the baby is tucked in the front or the back, depending on whether the day is going to revolve around plucking tea leaves or catching fish. Here’s how you can DIY -

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River grass storage baskets and boxes. Makes holding even the most mundane of objects, a very ethnic task. This one is native to North Karnataka and uses Sharavati River grass and dried palm leaves from the adjoining forests. Most regions in India use florii within plucking distance to craft dainty-looking, but superwoman-strong, holdalls. And like …

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