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Colour bars on the outside. Hardcore bathing bars on the inside. Cinthol has always been quite the outdoorsy soap ever since my childhood days. In fact, a German Shepherd I knew used it :)

Packaging here comprises one thin layer of paper in 4 different colours to differentiate the varieties. Classic red is still the best looking.

The new packaging was launched just around the time they come up with their new ad film. Watch here.

What Pii really appreciates is when one uses material around them to pack a product. Bipha Ayurveda‘s soaps and incense sticks (they have a whole range of other goodies too) come wrapped (in a very easy, uncomplicated way) in natural coconut tree fibres. To add a hint of colour, the edges are woven with coloured thread. A loose, breathable style that is very common in Kerala.

p.s –

Love their products too. Authentic ayurveda. The real stuff. Shop here.

Holy Lama Naturals in Auroville create organic bath and beauty products and a range of divine essential oils. Featured here is their kewra soap, packed in dried areca leaf. Simple thing is that it can be used as a soap dish too.

Vintage design that epitomises Old Bangalore, and packaging that quite complements the scent inside. The soap first floated into boudoirs in 1916 when Karnataka was left with barrels of sandalwood oil when export to Europe came to a standstill during WWII. Credit goes to the Maharaja of Mysore for being utterly ‘Lush-like’ and thinking up an exotic soap that is now hoarded by tourists trekking the sidewalks of MG Road in Bangalore.

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