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These two little boxes contain haldi and kumkum. Each one promises to sit comfortably in the middle of your palm while you stand on tip-toe and peek into a mirror to apply kumkum on your forehead.

The colours on the boxes, the illustrations and the fonts – All kitsch. All Goddess-friendly.

Via (and photographed) by Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor.

Meet the entire range of Gopuram products here.

The Lotus Queen book box. Inspired by the kaavad, this little vibrant wooden cupboard opens up to reveal the book. Kaavad is a craft native to Rajasthan that uses wooden boxes as portable story-tellers. The insides carried more illustrations arranged to form the outlines of a story. They also served as shrines. Read more about the tradition of using kaavad for story-telling here -

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