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Those old vintage tea tins you have sitting and gathering dust? Inside and outside?

Give them new life at Vriksha Nursery. Take the tins there and they’ll fill it in with gorgeous little plants that you can show off on your window sills. Those tea tins will thank you for it.

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What Pii really appreciates is when one uses material around them to pack a product. Bipha Ayurveda‘s soaps and incense sticks (they have a whole range of other goodies too) come wrapped (in a very easy, uncomplicated way) in natural coconut tree fibres. To add a hint of colour, the edges are woven with coloured thread. A loose, breathable style that is very common in Kerala.

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Love their products too. Authentic ayurveda. The real stuff. Shop here.

MSB (My Sunny Balcony) has just come out with these wunnerful mosaic hanging pots that go perfectly well with any home. The mirror bits promise to give your garden a dozen suns.

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The Seed Holder Book. This magical little book is crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard and designed to hold pongamia tree seeds and a story about the need to plant trees. It’s a beautiful feeling holding this feathery light book and knowing that you’re holding future trees. It’s a better feeling when the first leaf peeks …

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This gallery contains 3 photos.

Tree saplings in stark, black bags with stark, white messages, in stark, sans-serif fonts with stark, straight copy. All to drive home the point that it’s wiser to have more trees around than concrete sky-kissers. Awarded everything from Cannes and D&AD to the blessings of Mother Earth. Created by Vinod Lal and designed by Ramesh …

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Padheyam or the famed banana-leaf packed lunch keeps food fresh just till lunchtime. As the rice is packed when it’s steaming hot, the banana leaf gives the rice a lovely, earthy flavour. Padheyam exists as Lamprais in Sri Lanka and slinks around other South East Asian countries under a variety of other exotic names. 

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