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Using the skills of India’s designers, Chindi uses the textile industries’ scrap materials to make the most pleasing products.Crochets, knots and a lot of love go into Chindi products.

This here is their market bag.

I’ve seen a lot of upcycled/recycled bags and none of them have the aesthetic balance Chindi’s products do.

Find them here.


p.s –

I personally like their yoga mat bag straps.

What better way to keep memories alive than have the very bottles that held them to hang over your head. Pii loves how Cafe Delhi has upcycled and added oodles of charm to the space. Do yours now. But please to be firmly securing else it’ll fall on someone’s head and we’ll have a total cartoon show.

Picture courtesy, the Cafe Delhi FB page. Click here to go there.

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Hidesign’s Art of Reuse project (on FB) gave you a kit that had a few scraps of leather, thread, needle and a roll of goodwill. All this was packed into a simple brown bag with the how-to and why-on-earth all answered on the front and back in bold shades of yellow and green. Design by …

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